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Air Conditioning Servicing And Repairs

Air conditioning machine

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Air Conditioning Servicing

Air conditioning refrigerant gas (R134a) needs to be topped up from time to time as the gas slowly leaks from the rubber hoses and seals. Inside the aircon system is an oil (PAG) that dissolves into the gas and keeps the pump lubricated, over time the oil degrades and also needs replacing. Our air condition machine is used for re-gassing systems and and carrying pressure tests. Most manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service every two years.

Summer Air Conditioning

Air Con works in two ways, it cools the air in the interior of the vehicle, but also acts as a dehumidifier. The moisture in the air condenses on the evaporator and drips out through a drain pipe under the vehicle. A puddle of clear water often forms when parked on a humid day. A blocked drain pipe will often cause the carpets to get wet inside the vehicle.

Winter Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is often thought as a summer only accessory, but it is perhaps even more useful in the winter. As it is a dehumidifier, it also dries out the air. The dry air is perfect for removing condensation from windows and windscreens. It will often demist your windscreen in seconds rather than minutes on cold winter days. When switched on with the heater, the warm dry air is perfect for keeping the vehicle warm and dry in wet weather.

Air Conditioning And Fuel Consumption

Modern air conditioner systems are far more efficient than older Air Con systems. But they still add extra load on the vehicle which causes an increase in fuel consumption. The extra load is caused when the pump is activated to compress the refrigerant gas. The lower the gas pressure in the system the more often pump has to activate to keep the gas pressure at operating level. The more times it activates the more fuel you use. Making sure the gas pressure is at the correct levels is very important to reduce your fuel consumption. It should be checked and topped up regularly. Every two years.

Air Conditioning And Electric Vehicles

Air conditioning maintenance is even more important for electric vehicles. Every time the pump operates, it discharges your battery and reduces the range of the vehicle. Also electric vehicles use a different type of oil (POE) in the system. The oil acts as an electrical insulator and degrades over time. It needs to be replaced as it loses it's insulating properties.

Climate/Klima Control HVAC

Climate control or Klima is the integration of the heating system and air conditioning system to manage the climate inside the interior of the vehicle. Computer controlled it uses sensors to measure the temperature inside the vehicle and regulate heating and air conditioning to control temperature. The combined heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is commonly known as HVAC.

Cabin Filters And Deodorisers

Many modern cars now come fitted with cabin filters. They filter the air coming into the vehicle and over time become blocked reducing the effectiveness of you HVAC system. Also the build up fungi and bacteria in the system can over time can cause a musty smell. Filters come in three different types, plain paper, charcoal and hypo-allergenic for allergy sufferers. If you suffer from allergies, a hypo-allergenic filter may be worthwhile trying in your vehicle. Deodorisers kill off bacteria and fungi, eliminating unhealthy and unpleasant odours.

Repairs And Maintenance

We have the equipment and knowledge to carry out air conditioning repairs and maintenance on most vehicles. Regular maintenance is important for the well-being of your health, air conditioning system, and to help reduce the chance of costly repairs.