Khandallah Garage Ltd.

Automotive Electrical Repairs

Light bulbs and Starter motor


"We will be moving permanently, so thanks for all your help over the 12 years we have been in Khandallah."

Free Battery Testing

Drive and we will test the condition of your battery for free. In the event your battery needs replacing we stock most common car batteries. Supplied by Century Yuasa most of our batteries come with a 3 year warranty.

Lights, Bulbs and Wiring

Automotive electrical repairs carried out at Khandallah Garage by experienced technicians. We keep common tail light and head light bulbs in stock with a large selection of fuses, wiring and connectors.

Alternators, Starter Motors and Generators

With access to a large number of quality suppliers we can repair or replaced alternators and starter motors at very competitive prices.

Body Electrical

Window Regulators, switches and central locking. Ignition barrel repairs and key replacement.

Scantool Communication

With our Hanatech and Launch Scantools we are able to communicate with the On Board Diagnostic System (OBD) of most makes and models of cars. By carrying out a scan when a warning light comes on we are able look at and clear fault codes recorded by yours cars diagnostic system. In most cases a scan is the first step in the diagnostic process.

SRS/Airbag Repairs and Replacement

Able to scan for fault codes and reset airbag lights. Repair wiring, replace airbags, seatbelt pretentioners, sensors and ECU's

ABS, ALB, Stability Control and Traction Control

ABS, Stabilty Control and Traction Control are now an integrated part of most modern cars. Wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensors and yaw sensors all provide feedback to the ABS ECU to keep cars and passengers safe. At Khandallah Garage we have the equipment and experience to carry out diagnostics and repairs a wide variety of systems.

Ignition, Fuel Injection and Engine Management

Our Specialty. Check Engine Lights, misfires, running rough and poor idle. At Khandallah Garage we have some specialised equipment for the diagnosis and repair of these often hard to diagnose problems. Along with the scan tool using fast multi channel digital oscilloscopes and gas analysers, we can quickly locate the cause of these problems.

Standard Electrical Repairs

  • Airconditioning,
  • Alternator,
  • Automotive Electrical,
  • Battery Test,
  • Bulb,
  • Central locking,
  • Climate Control,
  • Electric Window,
  • Electronic Diagnostics,
  • Electronic Fuel Injection,
  • Electronic Ignition,
  • Fuel Injection,
  • Fuel Pump,
  • Fuel System,
  • Fuses ,
  • Generator,
  • Headlamps
  • HT Leads,
  • Ignition Coil,
  • Ignition Systems,
  • Injector Testing and Cleaning,
  • Lamps
  • Light Bulb,
  • Lights,
  • Oscilloscope,
  • Scan Tool,
  • Skid Control,
  • Spark Plugs,
  • Starter Motor,
  • Steering,
  • Window Switches
  • Window,
  • Wiring