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Electric Vehicle Servicing And Repairs

Electric vehicle charging port

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are nothing new to the motor trade, but Hybrid Vehicles and Lithium Ion Batteries are. With high voltage training and electric vehicle accreditation, we are well place service and repair modern electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Servicing Myth

Electric vehicles have been touted in the media as being maintenance free, but this is not true. The internal combustion engine and fuel tank has been replaced with an electric motor and a high voltage battery, but in all other regards an electric vehicle is a normal car. The following items still require routine maintenance. Air conditioning, heating and coolant, brakes and brake fluid, gearbox and diff oil, cabin filters, 12 volt battery, lights and electrics, charging port, tyres and wheel alignment and the transmission earth brush.

High Voltage Battery Conservation

Range is the biggest issue for current electric vehicles. With electric vehicles having a range of 25-30% of conventional vehicles, reducing battery wear and load is very important. High charge and discharge rates cause rapid degradation of the battery, this over time reduces the range your vehicle can travel on a full charge. Fast changing and hard acceleration generate the most load. Trickle charging and gentle acceleration significantly conserve the range and life of your battery.

Maintenance and Range

Seemingly inconsequential things can add up to reduce the range of your battery. Type of tyres, tyre pressures and wheel alignment all affect rolling resistance of the vehicle. Air conditioning refrigerant affects how often the air conditioning pump activates. Age of lubricates affects internal resistance in the drive line. Poor brake adjustment increases overall drag. These extra loads shorten range and can often make difference to the practical daily use of your vehicle. Trickle charging, gentle driving and regular maintenance is all that is required to keep your vehicle in top condition.