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Automotive Diagnostics Repairs

Jaguar Engine Bay

Automotive Diagnostics On Modern Cars.


"Thank you all so much for the amazing service over the last 11 years: it'll be hard to beat."

At Khandallah Garage with use modern test equipment to test and diagnose for faults on the lastest vehicles. Scantools with the lastest updates are used to communicate with the cars On Board Diagnostic network(OBD) and high speed Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO) are used to test motors, wiring and sensors. We have access to a large amount of technical information required to fix modern cars.

Fault Finding

Fault finding is a specialist job in own right. Most jobs can be divided up into two parts, the diagnosis and the repair. We own our equipment and do most diagnosis and repairs in house. We will only send it to another specialist if we don't have the equipment to do it ourselves or if we think that it is the most cost effective way to repair your vehicle.

Intermitant Faults

Fault finding intermitant faults can be difficult and time consuming. We have had a lot of experience with difficult problems and have some good processes in place for fixing them in the most cost effective way.

YesNZ Diagostic Network

Khandallah Garage was a founding member of the YesNZ Diagostic Network. YesNZ is nationwide network of experienced automotive workshops and technicians setup to share information on fixing and repairing cars. As a member we have access to a large base of information on the repairs of cars being driven in New Zealand. YesNZ provides us with backup to help fix the more difficult problems.