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Petrol Exhaust Gas Analyser and Diesel Opacity Meter

Brainbee exhaust gas emission tester

What Is Emission Testing

Exhaust gas emission testing is a process where specialised test equipment is used to measure the gasses produced by a cars engine. A probe is placed in the tailpipe of the car and the exhaust gasses are measured following a strict procedure. By analysing the gasses we can tell how well the car is running in a scientific and repeatable way. Our Brainbee Exhaust Gas Emission Tester and Opacity Meter are calibrated and certified anually.

Tailpipe Emission Testing For Petrol Engines

Our exhaust gas analyser is used for measuring 4 gasses, oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons (HC) as well as calculating lambda (λ) a measure of air/fuel ratio. These measurements together provide a very accurate way of measuring the combustion effiency of an engine, basically how well it is running.
Exhaust gas analysers are used throughout the world in countries that have a regulated tailpipe emission testing regime for this very reason. We use our gas analyser on all cars undergoing a Full Service Check as part of the service procedure as well as specialist diagnostic work on modern motor vehicles.

Tailpipe Opacity Meter Testing For Diesel Engines

An opacity meter is used for measuring particuate matter coming out of the tailpipe of a diesel engine. Particulates are the soot or partially burnt hydrocarbons (HC) that are a result of incomplete combustion of the diesel fuel. They form smoke as on old smokey diesel cars and trucks. Modern common rail diesel engine rarely create smoke but are in many ways more dangerous. The paticulate matter they procuce is very small and highly cancerous. Below 10 microns in diameter, they are too small for human body to filter out. An opacity meter measures the amount of particulates produced by the diesel engine and will show if there is a problem as well as give an indiation of the cause. Opacity meters are the standard test equipement in regulated countries for testing automotive diesel engines. We use our opacity meter for advanced diagnostics on automotive diesel vehicles.

Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

Headgasket Testing

Exhaust gasses leaking into the cooling system are easily tested using an exhaust gas analyser. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas produced as a result of the combustion process and can only get into the cooling system as a result of a leak between the combustion chamber and cooling sytem. We use our gas analyser to test for carbon monoxide (CO) in the cooling system. It is extremely accurate, if there is a leak at the time of testing it will test positive.

Air/Fuel Ratio Testing (lambda λ)

There is only one way to know for sure if the the cars engine management system is metering the correct amount of fuel for the quantity of air going into the engine. By measuring what comes out the exhaust we can accurately calculate the air/fuel ratio. Lambda 1.0 is perfect, below 1.0 is too rich and above 1.0 is too lean.

Catalytic Converter Testing

Catalytic conveter fault codes are now common on late model motor vehicle. With the cost of replacement often between $3000- $5000 per converter, for this reason it is important to know that it is actually the catalytic converter that is faulty. For a catalytic converter to work the air/fuel ratio needs to be fluctuate very closed to lambda 1.0, he only way to reliably test this is with a gas analyser. With car operating at Lambda 1.0 we can then test the efficiency of the catalytic converters.

Trade Services

We do testing for both the public and motor trade, our Technicians are skilled at diagnosing faults using a gas analyser we are one of the few workshops in the Wellington region that have the equipment to carry out this service.